The Positive Changes Association was established in 2014 by the initiative of people who were involved for 10 years in Blind Assistance Foundation. It is created by a group of individuals, supported by experts and volunteers from all around Poland. 

Positive Changes Association’s objective is providing educational and cultural activities, particularly supporting projects for people with less chances, including involvement in their work and social rehabilitation. 

We have international experience in cooperation with public, private and non profit sectors through educational activities and also development and projects implementation on regional, national and international field. 

We work not only for youth, but also for people with less chances and groups that are disadvantaged, that includes:

  • Adults – early school-leavers
  • Poor people, due to their economical and social status
  • Digitally and socially excluded, due to their background, education or low qualifications for example – language skills
  • Disabled people
  • Elderly

Our activities are targeted on whole Poland, by implementing projects we cooperate with public educational institutions in country. Currently we have signed an agreement with the CENTER FOR THE BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED  in Kraków.

Since its founding (begin of 2014) the association is actively involved in implementation of numerous projects financed by EU, not only as a coordinator but also as a partner. 

As a coordinator we implemented projects such as Erasmus + , Action 1 educational mobility “Find your power” (for adults under the risk of social exclusion), “Religious pathways of Europe”, “Do it MIME way” and Action 2 – “I observe, I react” completed in 2018. As a partner we implemented projects: Action 2 “Teatramat – Factual Backstage of Amateur Theatre” and Action 2 “Embracing and Maintaining PATH through Yourself”, “We play, we learn, we teach” and “The different colors of music”. 

Currently we coordinate two Erasmus + projects: “Do not drop out” and EDU +.