A short history of the school

The I.T.E. “G. GALILEI” has been Founded in 1935 as Institute for Technicians and Surveyors. In 1968, the two schools are split  and the I.T.E. finds its final location in the centre of the city of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, Italy, close to the City Hall and to the most  popular square P.zza Martiri d’Ungheria.

Over the years, the school has become a point of reference for all the province, and it has developed thousands and thousands of students, who nowadays are real successful professionals.

The school has witnessed a great increase during the 80’s and the 90’s, but then, because of the demographic fall all over the country, it has suffered an important drop in the number of enrolments.

The school currently is attended by 600 students and every day, about 50 teachers offer their experience, trying to improve the educational offer and to satisfy the needs of families and scholars.

Its goals

The youth who take a degree at the I.T.E. “G. GALILEI” are conscious, responsible and critical citizens able to face the so complicate surrounding reality and to take part to competitive working world. This is why the school has focused on the development of the educational offer trying to cover the maximum number of professional positions.

The school has got three complexes: Vibo Valentia, Mileto and the Penitentiary Complex.

The central complex offers a number of paths, which students choose at the moment of the registration:

  • Administration, Finance & Marketing
  • Business & Computer Technology
  • Marketing and International Relations
  • Sport & Economics
  • Cambridge Section
  • Start-up Innovation

The first two years are the same; it’s in the third year that the educational routes become more specific according to the formative needs. Each path is characterised by particular subjects (economics, technology, foreign languages, international law, etc.) whose target is to make students grow up either professionally or personally.

The complex in Mileto is smaller than the central one, and has got two paths: Administration, Finance & Marketing, and Sport & Economics. The strategic position of the school summons many local students and above all it represents a “shelter” for immigrants. The town of Mileto is very close to Refuges for Immigrants: after their arrival, minors are sent to school supported by a team of teachers and cultural mediators. Moreover, three years ago the complex in Mileto has been expanded with an evening course for adults: it has got only three classes for the moment, but registrations and frequency are increasing appreciably. In 2017, the school has been moved in a new building fitted out with modern classrooms and facilities.

Last but not the least, the Penitentiary School, which has been established in 2002. Dislocated through the three sections (High Security, Common Crimes and Sex Offenders), the attendance of the inmates has rising consistently thanks not only to the “traditional” activities, but also to the numbers of extra-curricular courses that the school realizes every year: English, Information Technology, Green Economy, Business and Finance. 

Structure and Organization

Taking advantage of the European Funds, the school has been able to build laboratories and facilities, which help students and teachers to enhance their performances. Nowadays, the central building houses 8 labs for foreign languages and economical subjects, a multimedia library, two ball-rooms and a well-equipped gym. All the classrooms have an interactive whiteboard.

Many conferences, workshop and extra-curricular activities are frequently organised and proposed to the students, together with the participation in European Programs in and out of Italy.