EPAL Kalamarias Vocational Upper High School is located in Kalamaria, a big suburb of Thessaloniki, Greece. Our school is one of the largest in the country in terms of human resources and is housed in a high standard bioclimatic building of the year 2008, which is a model school building nationwide. The school consists of 21 laboratories, 25 classes, a school library, a conference hall for 500 people, sport grounds etc.
The school has 100 teachers and 750 pupils aged 15 to 19. The school has 12 faculties: Engineering, Electronics-Electronic-Automation, Computer Science, Health-Welfare-Well-being, Economics-Management, Agriculture-Food-Environment. All students attend general education lessons (Language, History, Maths, Physics, English etc) and courses related to their faculty, while the do practice in the laboratories. The curriculum lasts three years. After that, they acquire National Baccaleuareate Degree and Specilization Diploma. After graduation students have the option to attend a year of apprenticeship and do paid practice in enterprises. 

Apart from the school curriculum, students participate in various extracurricular activites. Our school is involved in many European Programs like Erasmus KA1 and KA2, etwinning projects, School Days, Sport events and contests etc.