Professional  School   in Vine and Wine production “Aleksandar Stamboliyski” Bulgaria,  Pleven (Profesionalna gimnazia po lozarstvo i vinarstvo

“Alexandar Stamboliiski” – Pleven) was established in the  1890 and in the first years has won as a  authority of the enlightened center in the field of agricultural education.

This year we celebrate the 130 year anniversary of the school.

The main goal in our work  is to prepare specialists in the field of agricultural production by applying quality training, adequate to the requirements of the European labor market.

The main objectives of our work are: 

  • Through the educational and educational work in all aspects, forms and content are optimally performed the state educational requirements in professions and directions;
  • To validate self-evaluation as an approach to quality assurance in vocational education and training and the establishment of a European framework of reference, as a tool for the implementation of European policies in the field of vocational education and Training;
  • To improve the forms and methods in the training of students by updating the taught material and selecting the optimal structure of the lesson, providing the student with sufficient complete information and active participation in the learning process;
  • To focus on the basic regularities and ideas, to master the methods of knowledge, to solve the problems with practical-applied nature;
  • To stimulate the creative autonomy and initiative of the students in the lessons and beyond, by assigning independent work, teamwork and other innovative methods to activate the students.
  • -Teaching new learning content to use methods to build students knowledge, to more fully uncover interactive links and interactions;
  • -To continue the improvement of general education and vocational training according to the current requirements for raising the literacy and culture of the students as well as their professional knowledge and skills;
  • To continue work on the implementation of the plan for civic education,
  • to build smart personalities, capable and thinking young people with social orientation and civic behavior;

The demographic picture in Bulgaria continues to create concerns about the proper career orientation of young people and their inclusion in the labor market.

         Our efforts in this direction are aimed at:

  • providing flexible access to vocational training;
  • providing flexible curricula and forms of training;
  • organizing and conducting vocational training in the real work environment of persons over 16 years of age;
  • overcoming difficulties in learning content,
  • overcoming weaknesses in teaching methodology and in the organization of training;
  •  diversification of the way of assessment;
  • overcoming the negative attitudes of the participants in the educational process and lack of motivation;
  • improving discipline and implementing measures against violence and aggression at school.

Cooperation with parents is at a good level. We strive to involve parents in school life in problem solving and prevention of drug and narcotic substance use, reducing student aggression, absenteeism prevention, school escape and anti-social behavior.

The teaching staff responsibly upholds their professional commitments.

The team has accumulated experience in working on European projects. Evidence of this is the successful implementation of student mobility projects on Lifelong Learning Program – Leonardo da Vinci Sector Program and on Erasmus + Program, K-1  – Practice Mobility and K- 2 – Strategic partnerships.